Rec.Juggling Archive, February 15, 1993

15-103840 The Edible Dormouse  Fuel choice for fire juggling
15-112008 Paul Allen (PAC)     Re: Did I mention...?
15-112316 dave budd            Re: Juglito Ergo Sum and carless attribution
15-143012 Benn Kobb            Re: "The Big Toss Up" @ IJA Conventions.
15-143530 Johan Myrberger      Topper Martyn info?
15-143553 Ben Fulton           Re: toothbrush spinning
15-143714 Ben Fulton           Re: IJA Lost Money!
15-162004 Andrew Cotter        Re: Unicycle sources
15-201335 NAYLORD@QUCDN.Queens Re: IJA Lost Money!

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