Rec.Juggling Archive, February 9, 1993

09-041411 Richard J. Moll      Numbers competition rules
09-104527 dave budd            Re: The Buffoon Goes Up
09-124044 Allen Knutson        Re: passing
09-125608 Allen Knutson        Re: 2 and three ball patterns/site swaps?
09-143436     Juglito Ergo Sum and carless attribution
09-162551 Ed                   Re: "The Big Toss Up" @ IJA Conventions.
09-174930     Re: Passing
09-201304 Edward Carstens      Ant juggling   (Was Re: Who's playing Vegas)
09-203420 Edward Carstens      Re: passing
09-205909 Benjamin Schoenberg  How was the Atlanta Groundhog's Day fest?
09-222434 Terry Jones          Searching the archives on moocow...

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