Rec.Juggling Archive, February 8, 1993

08-013740 Simon Richard Fox    endurance
08-014509 Simon Richard Fox    passing
08-014936 Simon Richard Fox    multi-plex
08-025300 BIGIDUZ@apollo.david "Guardian article"
08-035453 ewn@vax5.cit.cornell POLL:  READ THIS!  (reply to ewn@vax5.cit.corn
08-054840 Harris Wulfson       Re: hourly juggling mail from rec.juggling.
08-103121 Kyle Jones           Re: uncoordinated jugglers ?
08-114424 Re: Did I mention...?
08-121702 Lewis AJ             Bouncy stage balls in the UK?
08-134430 Lewis AJ             RE: Review of the Gandini project
08-140204 Lewis AJ             Re: The Buffoon Goes Up
08-141504 David Torok          Re: "The Big Toss Up" @ IJA Conventions.
08-152304 Allen Knutson        Re: 4-Ball Pattern.
08-152940 Allen Knutson        Re: passing
08-162825 Edward Carstens      3-count passing   (Was  Re: Uncoordinated jugg
08-163101 Le Grand Toby Orange multiplex
08-173214 Edward Carstens      Re: JugglePro 3.1
08-173756 Edward Carstens      Re: passing
08-174422 Edward Carstens      Re: 4-Ball Pattern.
08-174947 Jonathan Howard Kriv Re: Get a Life
08-195015 Stephen Sloan        Who's playing Vegas
08-200428 Michael Glenn        Re: Numbers competition rules
08-211354 Mark Tillotson       Re: Get a Life
08-214309 Re: "Guardian article"
08-220149 Erick Singley        Re: uncoordinated jugglers ?
08-230046 Fredrick Wilson      Re: all potentially ambidextrous ???
08-232155 Mr S M Landamore     Re: Bouncy stage balls in the UK?
08-233758 Kim Holburn          2 and three ball patterns/site swaps?

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