Rec.Juggling Archive, January 11, 1993

11-002939 Daniel J Mitchell    Re: 'Named' patterns
11-005032 Lisa A Caselli       Unicycle
11-031020 Bradford J. Linder   any names for this one?
11-033549 Kim Holburn          Re: Mills' Mess
11-034223   dir/all
11-085059 Neil Matthews        Corrected version of the Georgian shuffle
11-140032 Gregory Cohen        Re: A Wonderful Wife...
11-140532 Gregory Cohen        Re: dir/all
11-150715 John Eric Sanders    Re: Ball Juggling Limit?
11-160253 Ab Wilson            Re: the Georgian shuffle..
11-160800 LEWBEL@BINAH.CC.BRAN showers, wrists
11-163618 Ab Wilson            Re: four ball shower
11-164005 Ab Wilson            Re: Mill's Mess miscelannia...
11-164457 Ed Broom             New-ish juggling shop in Glasgow
11-165659 Chris Wright         Re: Ball Juggling Limit?
11-201022 Stuart Celarier      Unicycle "Big Wheel" For Sale
11-215350 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: A Wonderful Wife...
11-220055 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: the Georgian shuffle..
11-220757 Andy Arhelger        Re: four ball shower
11-220828 mohit bhatnagar      Re: Mill's Mess miscelannia...
11-225959 tobin lathrop        Re:Music
11-230610 Bradford J. Linder   Re: Mill's Mess miscelannia...
11-231219 Bradford J. Linder   Re: Mill's Mess miscelannia...
11-233747 Benjamin Schoenberg  Re: Mill's Mess miscelannia...

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