Rec.Juggling Archive, December 22, 1992

22-012100 Sandra Amass         Airfare to Vegas
22-013004 Erik N. Levin        Impressive tricks
22-092200 NOEL GIFFIN          Re: Videos are HERE!
22-092603 David Sherman        Re: Tax evasion!!
22-131159 Steve Ness           historical question
22-135447 Gregory Cohen        Re: Unicycle
22-151435 Kate Gregory         Re: Tax evasion!!
22-160542 Ray Butterworth [MFC Re: Tax evasion!!
22-173617 Tom G. Lovie         Re: Tax evasion!!
22-182304 Tom Haapanen         Re: Tax evasion!!
22-203114 hugh evan mc donald  more on the Carlo book
22-232135 Stuart Celarier      Seeking Support for Juggling at Clinton's Inau

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