Rec.Juggling Archive, November 20, 1992

20-000428 Jon H. Leonard       Re: Challenge to Everyone (physics)
20-005921 Paul E. Bunson       Re: Challenge to Everyone (physics)
20-042941 David Cook           Correction on club prices
20-043100 steven ragatz        Favorite Tricks
20-091053 John Nicoll          Re: All about clubs and juggling them
20-132505 dave budd            Re: juggling 5
20-161433 Allen Knutson        Re: Challenge to Everyone (physics)
20-162700 TOMER AMIT           Juggling four
20-165527 Re: Music
20-170946 Re: I need help with juggling 4 or more
20-184116 NAYLORD@QUCDN.Queens Re: Challenge to Everyone (physics)
20-190800 LEWBEL@BINAH.CC.BRAN juggling music
20-204408 John Eric Sanders    Re: Challenge to Everyone (physics)
20-210441 steven ragatz        Re: four
20-222337 Eric Promislow       Re: The Juggling Capital (according to Juggler
20-222757 Eric Promislow       Re: Music
20-232714 Derek Smith          Wanted: 6 used renegades or europeans

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