Rec.Juggling Archive, October 22, 1992

22-005820 Gwydden              Re: Site Swap Notation and the Three Ball Half
22-064441 G. A. Mathieson      Re: Factors and Passing
22-145125 Sean Finucane        Juggling paper
22-151342 Mark Schiffner       Re: Factors and Passing
22-153928 K3003E0@ALIJKU11.BIT Juggling with more than 3 balls?
22-161425 Edward Carstens      Re: siteswaps
22-163123 Edward Carstens      Re: Names of Basic Patterns
22-182727 Russell Scott Peters Juggling in space
22-185541 Sean Finucane        Re: Joggling (Juggling While Running)

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