Rec.Juggling Archive, May 18, 1992

18-005554 Theo                 juggling program for the Mac
18-010234 Duane Starcher       Re: Behind-the-back juggling
18-091216 Steve Hawtin         Re: New version of Jug available on piggy...
18-110342 Lewis AJ             Re: Juggler's reflexes?
18-110935 Chris Wright         Re: Olympic Games.
18-111113 Chris Wright         Re: my forthcoming gigs.
18-122052 Martin Frost         Re: vendors, reflexes, etc.,.
18-151217 steven ragatz        Plagiarism and Ben's review
18-160221 M Hardaker           Re: Juggling in wierd places
18-160604 Kyle Jones           Re: Juggling in Olympics?
18-161243 Eric Marshall        Re: Book on 3 ball tricks
18-165452 PHILLIP_SANMIGUEL    Juggle Theft.
18-172600 LEWBEL@BINAH.CC.BRAN vendors, reflexes, etc.,.
18-175200 steven ragatz        Copy-rights in the IJA
18-175305 Arthur Chandler      Re: Juggle Theft.
18-181610 Ben Decker           Warped Rings
18-194705 Marty Sasaki         Re: Juggling in Olympics?
18-214444 Crunchy Frog         Re: Olympic Games.
18-215130 Daniel M. Alt        Re: Warped Rings
18-215137 Bill McDonald        Flying Kalazamovs

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