Rec.Juggling Archive, November 16, 1991

16-000303 Scott Huddleston     Re: Computer juggling (WAS Re: We need a Langu
16-010114 Allen Knutson        Re: Passing Zone and Xjuggle
16-011817 William Douglas ( Do Re: the best help you can get
16-055408 Phillip              Re: shower curtain / see-saws
16-092804 Qarin Van Brink      Re: Starting Stories
16-100237 Earl A. Hubbell      Re: Wave motion with 1 ball
16-132059 Duane Starcher       Re: Juggling "Theory" and How I Learned
16-141946 Richard Kennaway     notation and jargon
16-163852 Crunchy Frog         Re: notation and jargon
16-173147 Rod Thomas           Re: Where to get balls, clubs, rings, etc.

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