Known bugs in [MA][GNU]S

This is the known bugs list for version 1.01 (4/13/97). If you have an older version and you know of a bug that isn't listed here, please check the change log to see if it is one we already fixed. If not, mail with a description of the bug and how to reproduce it. Note that our definition of the word bug is quite loose; if there is anything you don't like about [MA][GNU]S let us know!
  • Transitional throws never bounce. Changing to a pattern that is the same up to modifiers can cause far too fancy a transition.
  • Some of the animation related to bouncing is ugly.
  • If you switch quickly between asynchronous and synchronous patterns, the transitional throws created will only land after the last synchrony change. This can lead to absurdly high throws. Of course, you probably shouldn't be switching the pattern so frequently :).
  • Saved window layouts often don't work, especially on fast machines. (We suspect this is a Java problem.) Windows can appear in the wrong place, and subwindows are sometimes displayed wrong.