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Juggling Information Service logo, originally designed by Greg Cohen. May be used for non-profit applications.
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<A href="http://www.juggling.org/"><IMG
    alt="Juggling Information Service"
    width=270 height=138 border=0></A>


Silhouette of juggler doing 3 balls, one arm stuck behind the back. Copyright Gregory Cohen, from a previous Infinite Illusions ad. May be used for non-profit applications.
886x824, 8256 bytes


Logo of the Wave Systems Corp., converted to a GIF-89 animation. Used with permission.
70x144, 3812 bytes


Juggler of Toltec Origin, Pre-Hispanic Mexican drawing, circa 950 A.D., from Portland Juggling Festival '94 poster. Note: the original drawing had only 2 balls, but the PJF folks decided to add the third ball on top. How shocking!
640x800, 22827 bytes


Flying horse and juggler. Marc Chagall, 1887, lithograph 1956.
379x510, 48731 bytes


Close-up of the juggler from the above Marc Chagall lithograph.
734x552, 80692 bytes


Drawing of a clown on a unicycle juggling 5 varied objects.
520x860, 40107 bytes


17th European Juggling Convention logo.
335x825, 7464 bytes


International Jugglers' Association logo.
640x720, 13433 bytes


Two T-Rex's passing 7 people in Juggler's Park logo. Popular T-shirt design parodies Jurassic Park logo.
660x510, 17762 bytes


Geometric juggler in top hat and white gloves juggles 6 balls.
© 1984 Mark Collier. Used with permission.
166x252, 13606 bytes


Cute logo of a pea doing a diabolo, for the Mushy Pea Juggling Company.
155x200, 1829 bytes

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