IJA Clubs & Affiliates Newsletter - February 1995

Juggling Information Service via the Internet

If you have access to the Internet (or just email) you have access to more juggling information than you can ever use. The Juggling Information Service (JIS), located on hal.com, allows access to years worth of archived messages, juggler's home pages, help files on everything from 3 balls to Burke's Barrage. It even has digitized movies to help you master these skills.

The easiest way to access the JIS is with a World Wide Web (WWW) viewer such as Mosaic or NetScape. The home page address is /. Much of the information can be retrieved via FTP from ftp.hal.com in /pub/juggle. Most people can access JIS by email by sending mail to: file-service@juggling.org, with the word HELP in body of the message. Check it out!

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Last modified: 4 January 1996
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