IJA Clubs & Affiliates Newsletter - February 1995

Possible Future IJA Festival Sites

Norman Schneiderman, Chief Administrative Officer, IJA

The following is a list of sites given to me by Ginny Rose that were given consideration for festivals for the coming years. As you know, Las Vegas has been chosen for the 1995 festival site. 1997 will probably be in Pittsburgh (please excuse all spelling errors especially in place names as I'm a Cannuck eh!) [Think we fixed 'em all, Norm! -Ed.] as this is the 50th anniversary. As we try to move around each year, and keeping the foregoing in mind, it looks likely that 1996 will be in St. Louis. Anyway, these sites were all investigated and considered.

Other factors are that as we are in the southwest in '95 and most likely in the northeast in '97, that midwest seems good for '96. The '91 fest in St. Louis had the best turnout of all the festivals. Availability and costs make it a possibility. Ginny is also working on a mini-fest in Key West for fall of '95.

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Last modified: 4 January 1996
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