IJA Clubs & Affiliates Newsletter - February 1995

A New Year, A New Look

Jerry Carson, Editor

As you can see, the Affiliates Newsletter has a snazzy new look. This is thanks to Stuart Celarier from Portland, Oregon. Stuart offered his services as a layout artist after seeing our last issue. We are more than pleased to have Stuart aboard. With all of you submitting articles (well, not all of you), Stuart doing the layout, and Deena handling the mailings, it doesn't leave much for me to do. I like it that way.

You may have noticed that this issue comes just two months after the previous issue. No, we are not switching to six issues per year, we just want the issues to come out in February, May, August, and November. Deadlines for articles will be near the middle of the month prior to each issue's release. The deadline for the next issue should be around the middle of April. Keep those articles coming in. See "How to Reach Us" for details on submitting articles.

Next month we start a new feature. I plan to interview the president (leader, king, czar, etc.) of a different affiliate for each issue. Hopefully, this will allow us to share ideas and meet each other. Next issue we'll start with my home club, the Mount Clemens Juggling Club.

For those of you on the Internet, electronic editions of this newsletter are available via email. Just send your e-mail address to me and I'll see that you get it. It won't have Stuart's nice layout, but you will see it first. Just let me know.

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Last modified: 4 January 1996
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