IJA Clubs & Affiliates Newsletter - February 1995

From the Chairman

Perry Rubenfeld, Chairman of the Board of Directors, IJA

It was very nice to see so many writers in the December '94 issue of the Clubs and Affiliates Newsletter. With such input from jugglers from across North America, the C&A Newsletter will truly represent the masses.

I want to congratulate all the people involved in putting together the newsletter. The two people I have most contact with are Board of Director, Deena Frooman and editor Jerry Carson. There is a lot more to running the affiliates and clubs than just putting together this newsletter. Numerous phone calls and requests from people to submit articles, receiving of mail with changes of addresses and phone numbers and questions, keeping all records up to date are but a few of the responsibilities involved. The C&A Newsletter is a wonderful forum to hear your views on any subject regarding juggling so why not take a minute and jot down your thoughts and send them to Jerry or Deena for inclusion in the next edition of the newsletter?

Having a C&A Newsletter also allows members of the Board of Directors an opportunity to write and inform you of current developments in the IJA. Things are running very smoothly for us. The Winter festival in Las Vegas was a success. Heavy duty planning regarding the Las Vegas Summer Festival is going well. Most details need to be confirmed months in advance, so now is the time when a lot of the leg work is being done. If you have not already received your IJA roster, it will be forthcoming very shortly. We are in the process of obtaining a new computer which will allow us to track membership more accurately. We are still working on ways to increase membership in the IJA. Expenses are up for us in the IJA and we need revenue to run the organization. If we increased our membership, it would solve many financial problems that exist in organizations such as ours and I encourage clubs and affiliates to actively pursue new members for the IJA.

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Last modified: 4 January 1996
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