IJA Clubs & Affiliates Newsletter - February 1995

Let's Go Camping!

Steve Gerdes

This summer's IJA festival, in case you didn't all realize it, runs from a Sunday through a Thursday. This is due to the high cost of weekend accommodations in Las Vegas. Instead of going back home on Friday, why not finish off the week at the Affiliates' camping trip? I've found a place just 45 miles outside of Vegas, but at an elevation of 8500 feet which is high enough to beat the desert heat. It will accommodate only 140 people, so reservations must be made early if you want to attend. Transportation will be furnished to and from the camp, food and most camping gear are also going to be furnished. The cost will be only $20 per person for both nights.

As I mentioned earlier, this is to be an affiliates sponsored trip, so I am asking for all the help and involvement possible from any and all of the affiliates. This involvement can come in many forms; we will need several volunteers to help with the cooking of the meals, perhaps we could use an "adopt a meal" system. Coolers for the food and drinks will be needed, as well as a truck to carry the coolers and ice up to the campground, maybe an affiliate or two could take on this responsibility. These are just a couple of examples of the things that need to be done, not even mentioning the aspect of money, which actually is one of the most important areas in which we need involvement.

The registration fee of $20 per person will take care of most things, but in order for this thing to work and be fun for everyone, more money is needed. Please talk it over with your group and see what each affiliate can come up with. I don't want anyone to be put out or feel bad if they can't contribute. Remember, this is a fun thing! Look on the Internet for more information and I will be in touch with many of the contact people. I'm looking forward to meeting and working with you all. My email address is orngejuglr@aol.com and my phone number is 310-497-1097.

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