Is there a juggling club nearby?

  1. Simply select a distance that defines what you mean by "nearby," in miles or kilometers.
  2. Enter your location, in latitude and longitude, for any point on earth. Use degrees, with decimal fractions, not degrees, minutes, and seconds. If you are within the US, you may enter a city or town name and optionally a state abbreviation, or any zip code. If multiple matches are found, you will be asked to choose which you want.
  3. Select whether you want a short simple list of club locations, or complete information about each club. Note that each item in the short list will be linked to the full information for that club.
  4. Press the display button to get a list of every juggling club near you.

You may also use an interactive world map to find juggling clubs near any point on earth, or use interactive maps of juggling clubs in Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, or The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

List all juggling clubs within of any of:
              latitude          longitude

US location:   
              city                  state

US ZIP code:       

simple listing   complete information


Several excellent geographic services are available to help you locate the coordinates of your location, if you don't know it. Try one of these:

JIS United States Position Finding Service
Uses TIGER Map Service, but with a simpler interface.

TIGER Map Service
United States map browser. Zoom in on any point in the U.S.

Xerox PARC World Map Viewer
World map browser. Zoom in on any point in the world, but less detail than with the Tiger Service.

GEOnet: International Geographic Name Server
Locate the coordinates of any world location by name.

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