Juggler's World

Spring 1990

Vol. 42, No. 1

Table of Contents

On the Cover: Nino Frediani


Nino Frediani
Frediani leaves the fold of European circus fame to live the juggler's dream in Las Vegas.

The Passing Zone
One of these evenings ... don't be surprised if you come across The Passing Zone throwing nine or ten clubs.

Treating Buskers Right
Edmonton's Dick Finkel assures the success of Summerfest by giving performers the respect they need.

It's In The Cards
An ancient Tarot card used a juggler to portray a certain version of the universe to its readers.

Better Piano With Juggling
A piano teacher finds that juggling sessions help her students improve their sight readings.

Guinness Book Keeps Expanding Juggling Records





Late breaking news and gossip about dozens of juggling performers.


Convention Information
The 1990 International Jugglers' Association Convention at UCLA

Book Review
Contacts for Booking Acts Worldwide by Kit Summers

Fiction - Fiddle Sticks
A Fairy Tale in the Future, by Gene KoKayKo


Classified Ads


Juggler's Workshop
Stealing clubs out of solo or passing patterns

Kitting Around
Kit Summers describes The San Diego scene

Academic Juggler
Scientific Minds Respond to Latest Inquiry

Flash Back
Henri French

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