Juggler's World

Fall 1987

Vol. 39, No. 3

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Cover: The Public Show's "Big Production Number" starring multivarious jugglers, twirlers, tossers and acrobats was the smash hit of the IJA's 40th convention in Akron, Ohio.


Akron - IJA Time Capsule
Veterans and novices celebrate 40 IJA years at the 1987 convention.

U.S. Nationals Championship - Benji Hill, Jeff Mason, Dana Tison

Teams Championship - Manic Expressions, Raspyni Brothers, Doubble Troubble

Juniors Championship - Curt Bonnem, David Cain, Mark Faje

Numbers Championship - Dana Tison, Ken Falk, Bob Mendelsohn, Jack Kalvin

Joggling Races - Owen Morse, Todd McLeish, Billy Gillen

Convention Veterans Put Akron in Perspective
Three IJA founding fathers, and other veterans reminisce, and compare modern conventions with those of earlier years.

Remarks by Art Jennings
Some anniversary comments from an IJA founder and first president.

Convention Tidbits


Fairy Tale's Handsome Prince
Born among World War II ruins, Rudy Horn lives happily ever after.

Juggling for the Sandanistas
Two troupes use juggling as a peace offering in revolutionary Nicaragua.

Juggling in Formation
Steve Ragatz juggles with drummers and buglers with football fields as his stage.

Upstaged on the Amazon
Jack Swersie discovers a tough audience in an out-of-the-way place.






Tips and Tricks

New Products
The Practical Top Hat, Custom SpaceCase, and music to juggle by,

Book Review
"Juggling for All," by Colin Francome & Charlie Holland.

Classified Ads

"Juggler" - Mary Balazs

All our Yesterdays
Billy Gillen discovers fond remembrances of juggler Tom Redway.


Arsene discusses the harmonic convergence and his philosophy of performing.

Joggler's Jottings
Meet Owen Morse, the world's fastest joggler.

Art Corner
Laura Green discusses designing your routine.

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