Juggler's World

Spring 1987

Vol. 39, No. 1

Table of Contents

Cover: Judy Finelli and Mark Jondall of the Pickle Family Circus demonstrate the class and style the circus promotes. Photo by Terry Lorant.


Fun Getting Pickled
The Pickle Family Circus juggles not just for audiences, but as a means of family therapy! by Orrel Lanter.

Try Three of These
A national champion three-baton twirler tells something of her sport and compares its performance to juggling. by Ginnette Groome.

Airjazz at Home
Cozy in their Boulder, Colorado, living room, Airjazz members chat about performance success so far. by Joel Fink.

Culture Shock
An offer to perform abroad sounds inviting, but a Japanese theme park offers unique challenges to two Yanks! by Barry Rosenberg.

A team of doctors studies juggling injuries from a sports medicine point of view. by Chris & Lyndall Meuli.

San Diego's Streets
Legendary juggling birthplace for many early street performers, sunny San Diego continues to breed good jugglers.

Trouble on the Ramblas
A tale of a good day gone bad in a street performer's paradise in Barcelona, Spain... with a happy ending! by Robin Brisker.

Emergency Room Juggler
Barry Berkowitz, the Incredible Medical Juggler, gives up his practice to devote full time to his coffee business and juggling. by Orrel Lanter.






Late breaking news and gossip about dozens of juggling performers.

Brief reviews of two juggling acts, Marcell Valla and the Mike Schnelle Trio, by Hermann Sagemuller.

Even in lonely Montana, juggling clubs are springing to life.

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Publisher's Snapshot
Explores the role of the feet on various aspects of juggling.

Joggler's Jottings
Albert Lucas smashes the marathon joggling record without a drop.

Tips and Tricks

All our Yesterdays
Excerpts on juggling in ancient China show a long history of the art.

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