Juggler's World

Fall 1986

Vol. 38, No. 3

Table of Contents

Cover: After coming in second and third in previous year's championships, the third time was the charm for Anthony Gatto. The 13-year-old won four events in the 39th Annual Convention competitions.


IJA in San Jose
Complete coverage of the San Jose convention from the pre-convention workshops to the last gasp of comedy at Club Renegade.

The Flying Boards
Chinese performer Dai Shucheng, an IJA guest at the convention, introduces an esoteric manipulation to the West.

U.S. Nationals Championship - Anthony Gatto, Scott Burton, Benji Hill

Teams Championship - Jet Set Jugglers, Raspyni Brothers, Jongleur Jugglers

Juniors Championship - Robbie Weinstein, Oran Canfield, Mark Bakalor

Numbers Championship - Gatto, Gatto, Gatto!

Joggling Races - Kirk Swenson and Owen Morse

Street Performers Competition - Arsene & Waldo


Key West Street Scene
Enduring through bureaucratic trial and audience tribulations, Mallory Square plans a festival of celebration for street artists.

Juggling on Broadway
Signs point to a revival of the variety arts on Broadway, with New Vaudevillians Berky and Moschen leading the charge.

Juggling, Da!
Intrepid Sandy Brown sneaks behind the scenes at the Moscow Circus for a meeting with Soviet jugglers.



IJA Notes




New Products - Lighted Balls



Joggler's Jottings
Controversy regarding the "world's greatest juggler"

Tips and Tricks

Ask the Professional - Frank Olivier

All our Yesterdays
Reminiscences of Martyn and Florence, reprinted from the May 1965 IJA Newsletter.




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