Juggler's World

Spring 1986

Vol. 38, No. 1

Table of Contents

Cover: drawing by George Niedzialkowski


Juggling and Health
Sure it's physically healthy, but there's a lot of good going on inside your head as well!

Francis Brunn
As this living legend approaches fifty years in show business, he continues to make plans for the future.

Avner the Eccentric
This ardent juggler tells how theatrical skills were what really paid off in his increasingly successful career.

The Coming Together of Hands
Fiction about an old trooper, notes on the mirror and very fertile soil in his garden.





All our Yesterdays
Joe Cook, Epitome of One-Man Variety.

Joggler's Jottings
Definitely not a ghost story about a graveyard.

Book Reviews

Juggling: The Art and Its Artists
Karl-Heinz Ziethen and Andrew Allen.
Ziethen and Allen collaborate on a juggling art book you'll be proud to put on your coffee table.

How To Build Unicycles and Artistic Bicycles (2nd edition)
Jack Wiley


Second Annual Hawaiian Vaudeville Festival
If you haven't heard about the Hawaiian festival yet, this is must reading!

Circus Magic '86
Virginia Beach, Virginia

8th Annual Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival
Atlanta, Georgia

Upcoming Festivals
Schedules and contact information for upcoming festivals.

New affiliate leader plans publication for clubs.

Who's performing where.

Classified advertisements.

Simple Holdings, by Robert Hill Long

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