Here are some of the people who have helped me provide this service, and the growing list of those offering to help. Thanks, everyone.

Ed Carstens (
Ed previously organized and maintained the information in the Juggling in the Media section.

Greg Cohen (
Greg designed the logo at the top of the main page of the Juggling Information Service, and provided the lessons on how to juggle 3 balls and do devilstick in the Help page.

Danny Colyer (
Danny has set up and maintained all of the information on the Related Areas page, which later became the Circus Arts section of the Help pages..

Michael Gerlek (
Michael has done an exemplary job of organizing all of the help information available through this service, which he began working on back in the moocow FTP days.

Seth Golub (
Seth has developing a tool to assist in the conversion of Juggler's World magazines from text to HTML, and will be helping in the conversion process.

Terry Jones (
Terry has created and run the FTP archives from the beginning, which has provided the bulk of information that we're starting with.

Steve Joyce (
Steve formerly ran the mail/news gateways for rec.juggling.

Nathan Hoover (
Nathan helped generate MPEG's, and encouraged me to get away from my workstation at lunch to juggle with him.

Alan Morgan (
Alan maintained the IJA Competitions information.

Ian Rutson (
Ian set up all of the vendor information in the Juggler's Mall, and maintained it for a while.

Pat Scandalis (Pat.Scandalis@Eng.Sun.COM)
Pat provided his Mac, his expertise, and his time in doing several batches of MPEG productions from video for the JIS over many evenings.

Craig Steinberger (
Craig has provided assistance in creating easy ways to search the archives for information desired and present it via HyperText through the use of WAIS.

Rupert Voelcker (
Rupert has set up and is maintaining all of the information within the Festivals section.

Terry Weissman (
Terry developed the system that provides the free Juggling Home Page Service.

Barry Bakalor (
As your webmaster, I'd like to ask for a warm round of applause for all those who have helped me get this service on the air. Thanks, everyone.

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