History and Grammar Lesson

Arthur Lewbel writes:

I met Steve Mills at a New York City juggling club around 1973. We were both teenagers then, and he was already a fine juggler... Steve showed us a confusing 3 ball pattern he had recently come up with.

Rich Mills says:

This reminds me of how Steve came up with the Mills Mess (note the family approved spelling of the trick- no "'"). There was a juggler at one of the Central Park get togethers. I think his name was Ron Lubman. He was doing this three ball trick that looked very complicated. Steve filmed the trick (with a super 8 movie camera, this was pre-video) and learned it later. The trick Ron did was like the Mills Mess on only one side (i.e. the left hand would only go over the right). Steve learned Ron's trick, expanded it to both sides, and the Mills mess was born. I don't know who gave it that name though. Maybe it should be called the double Lubman.

and thomasl further notes:

Incorrect: Washington's Monument, Lincoln's Memorial, Mills' Mess
Correct: Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Mills Mess

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