Site Swaps: Problems

by Ed Carstens
1)  Which are valid siteswaps? (3 answers)
  a) 761  b) 671  c) 672  d) 762  e) 6671 f) 771

2)  Which 5-ball siteswaps swap two consecutively thrown balls? (2 answers)
  a) 64  b) 753  c) 663  d) 744  e) 66661 f) 66625

3)  Which are ground state siteswaps? (3 answers)
  a) 561  b) 633  c) 441  d) 753  e) 12345 

4) In general, it is not true that any permutation of a siteswap
produces another valid siteswap.  Can you think of siteswaps for which
this does hold?

Each question is worth 25 points. Incorrect answers deduct 5 pts. Final grade will be based on the standard grading system. No curve. No partial credit. No calculators. No juggling props of any kind. Your highest and lowest scores will be dropped. Cheaters will be executed on the spot. Every student is suspect. You have exactly one hour. Good luck!

We will grade based on the honor system. Please check your answers with the instructor's answers when time is called.

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