Shooting Star

Ken Zetie offers this:

Here's a new passing pattern that a guy from Washington by the name of Brian taught to us at Philadelphia. It's called the Shooting Star and is a pattern for four people, 9 clubs and a phantom. If you're flash you can probably do it with more clubs too.

The basic idea, before we get into specifics, is that you have four people at four points of a five pointed star. The fifth place is occupied by the phantom. One person has no clubs, each of the others has three clubs each and we are going to pass everies out of the right hand only. The passing pattern is just a star, that each each person receives from the body two to their left and passes to the body two to their right. The person starting such that he would be passing to the phantom, starts without any clubs and away you go.

Now, obviously, once three clubs have been passed the person who started without any is now ready to pass their first one out and it'll go to a hole (the phantom). So that hole has to be occupied by the person who has just ran out of clubs, ie the one who was receiving from the phantom. This poor sucker has to nip across the pattern in order to catch that pass. Hahahahaha. No, really, it works.

Time for a diagram I think (1 picture = 1Kwords)


                 B                 E

                    C           D     

Okay, that's my five pointed star. We'll place the phantom at point D to start with. Then A, E and C start with clubs, B is clubless. Everyone is clueless. A is receiving from the phantom (ie not receiving any clubs) so will be the first to brave the rain of heavy objects. We'll call him the runner, because it's more polite than 'idiot' and only marginally less accurate then 'first-to-die'.

A leads the passing (dying man's last wish and all that) and we start a shower of clubs. As A passes his last club to C, E will be passing to B. A walks to the centre just after this club passes his head and turns to look at B. Now will be, on the very next beat, passing this club to the phantom and it's going to go THUD if A doesn't do something about it - he needs to walk to where the phantom is (position D and catch B's pass). Unfortunately for A, C is passing to E at this point so he is likely to get beaned if he's not careful. The trick is to follow B's pass, more or less walk with it towards point D and catch it on arrival. This is guaranteed to get him through alive and intact because B's pass was going through a gap. A must walk through that same gap.

So now, A has occupied the phantom's space, point D, and has left a gap (a new phantom) at point A. Fortunately, at this point A has no clubs left and so will not pass to the phantom for three beats, by which point C, who will have been receiving from the new phantom, will be in a position to 'run'. I wish her luck, and may she walk safely behind B's last pass to A (in position D) just as she makes her last pass, and then turn to catch A's gentle lobbed pass to the phantom's position.

And so it goes on. A few hints - make your pass to the phantom gentle and lobbed, make sure you have a damn good star or the timing will go to pot. Make sure your shape is right - if you can do it on the circumference of a circle this will help immensely. When you are trying to cross you have to move sharply but not too quickly and you don't have to duck - you get a feel for it pretty rapidly.

How to restart when you drop/hit someone? Designate one person as having just successfully run and take their clubs off them. The phantom is where they have come from, two places to their right around the star.

Pick-ups. Hahahaha. No, they are sometimes possible. If you drop you have time to pick up a club as you start to walk across the pattern. Keep it and use it to fill the hole that will be passed to you. Maybe.

Good luck. I deny any responsibility for people who get clubs stuck in earholes, eyesockets or other orifices as a result of attempting this pattern. Do not try it at home. Try it at someone else's.

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