Rola Bola

Here we describe the construction and use of "Rola Bola" boards, sometimes called "Bongo Boards." In the name of historical accuracy, we quote Martin E. Frost:

Bongo Board is a brand name of what you might call a Rola Bola (which itself may be a brand name?). I had a Bongo Board-brand Bongo Board (using the name specifically and generically) when I was growing up. Unfortunately, I lost it somewhere and I heard Bongo Board went out of business (years ago)... I did balance on my Bongo Board once for over 2 hours straight when I was in college -- I was reading a calculus text while on the board. Hmm, maybe that's why I lost interest in calculus. (I wasn't a juggler back then, though.) I never heard the name Rola Bola back in the '60s, only Bongo Board.
Building your Rola Bola
Getting (and Staying) On
Playing With Your New Rola-Bola

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