Eleven Rings

records as of 15 May 1995

Sergei Ignatov   has performed 11 off and on, including a qualifying run 
                 followed by a pulldown!  (_Juggler's World_ 34.2, Feb.? '82)
                 The "22 throws" are mentioned in "4000 Years" (Vol.II, p.100).
Albert Petrovski performed with 11 (see _Circus Techniques_, by Hovey Burgess,
                 p.46, reprinted in '89).  A photo can be found on p. 74 of
                 "Juggling with Finesse", by Kit Summers.  "4000 Years" lists
                 him as first with 11 (Vol. II, p. 100, photo p.139.)
Anthony Gatto    "close to a juggle" in practice (_Juggler's World_ 44.2, Sum.
                 '92, p.24).  Performed 11 several times (_JW_ 46.1, p.8).
Alberto Sforzi   performs daily with 11 (_JW_ 41.1, Spr. '89, p.33), and was
                 said by Nino Frediani to do so on a unicycle! (JW 42.1, p.23.)

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