Eight Clubs

records as of 15 May 1995

Current Bests

Anthony Gatto:   12 catches on the "To Be the Best" video.  _Guinness_ has him
                 listed for "8 clubs".  In practice, he is also throwing 9 (13
                 throws, _JW_ 40.3,Fa.'88,p.32) and 10 (_JW_ 44.2,Su.'92,p.23).
Jian Ping Qian   has performed an 8 badminton racket flash with "The Qian
                 Brothers" around '89.

Jugglers of the past who did 8

Enrico Rastelli  juggled 8 sticks (_Juggler's World_ 38.4, Win. '86-'87, back
                 cover).  "He used wooden sticks, evenly balanced with one end
                 designated as the handle."

Historical note

The Talmud (Jewish scholarly commentary) reports that 1900 years ago Shimon
ben Gamaliel juggled 8 torches (_Kaskade_ 30, 6/93, p. 24, By Raphel Harriz.)
Craig Steinberger has tracked this down in Tractate Sukkah, page 53a, where it
says that the Rabbi would "take eight flaming torches and throw them in the
air, and catch one and throw one and they did not touch one another."  A little
later on it says that "Levi juggled before Rabbi with eight knives."

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