Ten Balls

records as of 15 May 1995

Current bests

Anthony Gatto    "I think I've gotten it around twice before, but I catch them
                 pretty often now on the flash." (_JW_ 41.1, Spr. '89, p. 12).
Michael Ferguson 15 catches.

Bruce Sarafian   seemed to have a good pattern in '92, and has probably gone 
                 past flashing it.
Albert Lucas     10 catches (with racquetballs).  See _Guinness_, or _Juggler's 
                 World_ 37.3, Fall '85, p. 21.  Claims more "on a good day".JW?
Dan Bennett      10 catches.  (Was in _Guinness_.) 

Alan Morgan      10 catches.

Jason Garfield   10 catches.

Ken Burke        10 catches.

Jugglers of the past who did 10

Jenny Jaeger     Said by Karl-Heinz Ziethen in "4000 Years of Juggling" to have 
                 performed a 10 ball flash for a year, until her father forbade
                 it because of the strenuous practicing required (Vol.I,p.226).
Enrico Rastelli  "was known to have thrown up ten for one rotation on an
                 occasion in Russia." (_JW_ 38.4, Win. '86-'87, back cover).
Bengt Magnussen  10 catches (on three occasions).

Chinko           ("The Eton Boy Juggler", born Tom Knox-Cromwell) of England
                 c.1900 is listed for 10 balls in "4000 Years", Vol. I, p.90.
Dick Richton     "...it is said, did ten balls" according to Art Jennings in
                 _Juggler's World_ 39.4, Winter '87-'88, p.3.

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