Festival of Fools

Apr. 1, 1999

Dublin, Ireland

Funnier than a day at the tribunal, more vivid than Lady Penelope's pink Mercedes, the Festival of Fools blasts off again (in the lashing rain) on Tuesday, 30 March at five o clock, for another concelebration of the fool and Flann O Brien, first king and patron saint of the festivities.

MEET the King of Unrule, Abbot of Unreason, Bishop of Fools, An Oinseach, the Chief Rabbi, Whirling Dervish, Ayatollah, handbag and friends.

EARN a degree from the Polyversity of Foolosophy and Codology.

TREAT YOURSELF to the colourful inventiveness of the participants in this year's Carnival of Amadans, community arts in action.

SPEND FILTHY LUCRE - the festival's answer to a global currency.

ATTEND the Court of Miracles and EXPERIENCE an execution, lying-in-a-state and coronation as well as a fools corner, poets soapbox and election candidates ranting pen. Groove to the Naked DJ from Turin.

Feile na hAmadai is happening in Dublin, Belfast, New York and the World Wide Web, and at a Garda station near you.

Songsters, fireaters, jugglers, bodies, stiltwalkers, holy and moral fools, all sorts wanted. We have no money but can offer a great party.

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Call Miriam Lohan at Dublin 8740085 or email stephen.winder@beaumont.ie

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