3rd Lanzarote Convention

Come roaming with the Buffalos

Jan, 3-8, 1997.
The flights from the UK will depart on January 2nd, 1997 and return from Lanzerote on January 9, 1997. This not only gives you a wonderful excuse for not going back to work till mid-month, but gives you a second chance to do Christmas Day. Spain celebrate Christmas on Epiphany (Jan 6th).

Lanzarote (Canary Islands).
One of the Canary Islands situated about 90 miles off the coasts of Morocco and Western Sahara. The Canary Islands are probably the only place in Europe that you can get proper winter sun without needing skis. The average temperature during January is around 20 Celcius - hot enough to swim and get a decent suntan, but cool enough to juggle. Be warned: there can be days when the island is cloudy, dull, and breezy, and despite our valient efforts, we are not in charge of the weather.

The Canary Islands are part of Spain. Visiting them is as easy as going to the European mainland. Lanzarote is a tourist resort with all of the attendant facilities, but it is more laid back than Tenerife.

Adult; 325UKP
Child (under 16); 200UKP
Child (0-2 years old); free, providing they do not occupy a seat on the plane.

The price includes:

All you need to pay for is your food and booze.

All cheques should be made payable to Buffalo Chickens Partnership. A receipt and confirmation of your booking will be sent to you. We may be able to accept credit card bookings for the air flights, but you will need to contact us first to discuss this matter.

If you require single person accommodation, then please let us know, but a supplement is likely to be charged for accommodation.

To book, please use their booking form (contact details below) - No other form of booking can be accepted.

Booking Timetable: Bookings received before September 1, 1996 require a 25% deposit per person; after Sept 2, 1996, the full booking fee must be enclosed. Bookings after October 1, 1996 will only be accepted, if accomodation and flight bookings can be arranged. As we must pay for the airlines and accomodation by Nov. 1, 1996, we must adhere to these deadlines. If a deposit is made, but no final payment is made by October 1, 1996 then the deposit will be retianed to offset administration costs and the booking will be deemed to have been fortified. In the event of there not being enough bookings to make this event viable, then all moneys will be returned within 28 days of the event being cancelled. If you need to cancel after your full booking fee has been paid, then the dstandard cancellation charges will apply. Full details available on application.

After the highly succesful Lanzarote 2 Convention last year and due to public demand, Buffalo Chickens are pleased to provide another opportunity to break the winter gloom.

The convention: Our aim, as always, is to make our own convention happen. There are no subsidies, sponsors, or local authorities helping to finance this event other than the fee we charge. Please do not expect sport centre style facilities or marquees. It's very much for ourselves, by ourselves, but with sun, sea, sand, sangria, and tax free alcohol.

The convention starts Jan 3rd. It starts to get dark around 6.30pm which is ideal for fire juggling because you don't have to stay up all night to watch your friends set fire to themselves. From last year's experience, the juggling space is likely to be a beach, a volcano, a swimming pool, or a resteraunt - namely anywhere that feels OK.

There may well be a public show depending on what you the public wants to show. In 1996, we had a convention dinner paid for by the organisers instead. Certainly, there will be lots of chances to skill-share, skill-swap, and above all to RELAX (ask Arnie!) and enjoy your juggling with others committed to doing the same.

Last year we were able to hire 4x4 vehicles for three dyas for the conventioneers to explore the island. If we get enough people, it is our intention to do so again this year, subject to someone having a valid driving license and meeting any other criteria set down by the car hire companies in Lanzarote.

In 1996, we were able to offer a choice of departure airports (Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester, and Glasgow). It is our intnetion to do so again in 1997. It is possible that other airports may be available as well - let us know your preference.

If you want to travel from outside the UK, please indicate on your booking form and we will be glad to arrange that for you.

Accommodation is in upmarket (if not downright luxurious - ask last years conventioneers if you do not beleive us) self contained, self catering villas (sleeping between 6 and 8 people) with access to private swimming pools, easy access to beaches and other facilities. The accommodation is likely to be in the resort of Puerto del Carmen.

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