Madison Area Jugglers Madfest

Jan. 12-14, 1996.
5:00pm-10:00pm, Friday
9:00am-10:00pm, Saturday
9:00am-5:00pm, Sunday


University of Wisconsin Memorial Union.
Which is at 800 Langdon St. on the campus of the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Use of a map is highly recommended, search parties are not available.

Due to inflation and budgetary constraints admission this year will be twice as much as last year, i.e. nada, nil, zilch, everything's FREE! except lunch. Oh, and the Public Show has a measly fee to make the performers feel important.

For those wishing to juggle knives, chainsaws, flaming kittens, or anything that might set Great Hall afire, space will be provided on Lake Mendota (notice we did not say *near* Lake Mendota). Inside there will be juggling, workshops, catching, demos, dropping, competitions, pickups, vendors, excuses, parties, apologies, a raffle, a public show, and relief from wind chill low enough to shrivel silicone. Whatta Bargain!!

Therbligs: Therbligs are expected to be minimal, but protection is recommended. A thin coating of vaseline or a sprig of licorice (natural, not artificial) placed in the left breast pocket is usually effective. In case of emergency, tweezers will be available at the front preview desk.

Lodging: Those of you who cleave unto loafing on the floor will be accommodated, of course. For all of you non-floor loaf cleavers, here's a list of local lodging (awful alliterative, ain't I?):

Brunch: Celebrating the reunion of that exclusive society, the Madbrunchers, we will be gathering next door to open juggling from 9:00am-12:00 noon on Sunday. If you plan on dropping by (or eating, even) let us know by 1-1-1995 by sending in this convenient non-perforated form to Mark along with a check made out to Wisconsin Union.

Public Show: Those of you wishing to perform at the public show should contact T.R. Loon, at (608)244-0244. A professional quality video will be produced and available for you to send your mom.

For More Information Contact
Mark Hayward
454 W. Dayton #310
WI 53703-2631
Tel: (608)251-6839

2405 Kendall Ave
WI 53707,
Tel: (608)233-2251

Warren Koepp

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