11th Nordic Juggling Convention

Presented by The Finnish Juggling Association. The first international meeting to take place so far north - so it's going to be special!

May. 26-28, 1995

Starts at 3.00pm on the Thursday and ends at 3.00pm on the Sunday.

Helsinki, Finland
To take place in a school:
Lauttasaaren Yhteiskoulu
Storsvangen 19 (Isokaari 19, in Finnish)
00200 Helsinki

The school provides a gum hall, stage, swimming hall, accomodation and an excellent cafeteria where you can buy food.

The cheapest (and easiest) way to get to Finland (aside from airplane), is to take the Viking Line (or Silja Line ferry from Sweden (Stockholm or Kapellskär). To get there by;

3 days: 175 Fmk
2 days: 150 Fmk
1 day: 100 Fmk

Cash only please. The price includes welcome dinner, Public Show and accomodation.

The schedule so far:

Thursday, 25th
  • Juggling.
  • Registration from 3.00pm at the school.

Friday, 26th
  • Juggling, of course.
  • Registration.
  • Games.
  • Welcome dinner.
  • Open Stage, live music.
  • Party, live music.
  • More juggling.

Saturday, 27th
  • Juggling, juggling, juggling.
  • Public show (in a circus tent...?).

Sunday, 28th
  • Final juggling.
  • Business meeting.

They have booked sunny weather, 20-25 degrees C, for the convention, so you'll not need anything warmer than a T-shirt. The polar bears usually emigrate North every year around the 20th of May, so you don't have to worry about them either. Look out for the reindeer, though, they tend to get a little aggressive if it's too warm...And don't forget the killer sparrows, they are small but extremely fast!!

For More Information Contact
Kim Nystrom
Runebergsgatan 36 B 43
00260 Helsinki
Tel (Home): +358-0-442 353
Tel (Work): 358-0-5112 4354
e-mail: Kim.Nystrom@ntc.nokia.com

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