The 2nd Continental Congress of Jugglers

When: June 17th - 19th, 1994.

At Gonzaga College High School, 19 Eye St. (It's really "I" St. but here you're supposed to type "Eye"), three blocks from Union Station (Amtrak & subway) in Northwest DC. Union Station is an Amtrak station as well as a metro stop on the Red Line.

Arriving from South or West: Take 95 north or 66 east to the Beltway (495) then take 395 north into Washington D.C. Cross the 14th street bridge and stay right to follow 395. The freeway will split into 295 and 395; get into the right lane and take the exit for 395 (the sign says "C street, New York Ave., U.S. Capitol"). Get into the right lane as you go under the 3rd street tunnel. At the end of the tunnel take the right exit to Massachusetts Avenue. Turn right on Massachusetts, go about two blocks, and make a left on North Capitol Street. (If you pass Union Station you've gone too far.) Gonzaga is about 4 blocks up on the left at Nineteen I (Eye) street.
For those people driving in from the South, watch out for traffic. From Monday 13th June, through about the end of July the Springfiled interchange is going to be under major construction. Advisories are posted saying to expect major delays. They haven't started yet, so I am not sure just how bad it will be by this weekend for the festival. Hopefully it does not get bad till afterwards. Anyways, for those not familiar with DC, the Springfield interchange is at the 6 o'clock position on the Beltway. It is where I95, I495 and I395 all meet. If you hit heavy traffic, you may want to take Route 1. It parallels the interstate and will bypass the construction area. Lots of stop lights, but no construction. For the latest on this situation, mail/call Raymond Bowers (703-914-8422 work, 703-960-2001 home, Internet: who provided this info and who should be able to provide you with an update on how bad and during what times the construction is going on. He'll try and find out if it will effect evening/weekend traffic or not (hopefully it only makes rush hour worse!).
Arriving from North or East: From the north, take 95 south to the Beltway (495) then take the Baltimore-Washington Parkway towards Washington D.C. Exit onto Route 50 (New York Avenue) westbound. Go to North Capitol Street and make a left. Gonzaga is located about 5 blocks down on your right at Nineteen I (Eye) street. If you're arriving from the East, skip the B/W Parkway and follow the directions from Route 50 (New York Avenue).

No Charge - The festival and public show are free!
Donations to help cover facility costs will be gratefully accepted.

If you'd like to stay with local jugglers, contact Ray Bowers at 703/914-8422 (day) or 703/960-2001 (evenings).
Hotels: In this area, hotels run about $100/night! We recommend hotels in the suburbs, which aren't quite as expensive. Directions will be available at the festival, or contact Becky for more information.

Other Information:
Hosted by the U.S. Dept. of Juggling, the Jugglers of Bowie, the Fairfax Juggling Club, and the Baltimore Juggling Club and sponsored by The Juggling Capitol at The Old Post Office Pavilion, 1100 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington, DC 20004; 202-789-1799..

Friday, June 17: 5pm-Midnight: Open Juggling
Sat 6/18: 10am-Midnight: Open Juggling
Sat 6/18: Noon: Workshops and Demonstrations
Sat 6/18: 7pm: The Public Show!
Sun 6/19: 10am-5pm: Open Juggling
Sun 6/19: Noon: Games (Including 4 & 5 balls for time, 5 clubs for time, 5 quarters for time, Blindfolded Juggling, Speed Passing, a Unicycle Obstacle Course, and more!)

Public Show: If you would like to perform in the Saturday evening public show, contact Bill Allyn (301/464-8946) as soon as possible.

Parking: You may park in the courtyard that's in front of the gym or between the athletic field and the school.

A flyer should have been sent to all IJA members in the region and attendees from last year. It includes a detailed map and directions.

Come juggle with us in America's largest theme park for adults! Your Nation's Capitol!
While you're there, why not tour the sites of the Nation's Capitol! Sightsee during the day and drop by our local juggling clubs in the evenings:
Jugglers of Bowie
meet Wednesday, June 15, from 6-10pm at Chapel Forge Elementary School, 12711 Milan Way, Bowie, MD. Contact Bill Allyn at 301/464-8946.
Fairfax Jugglers
meet Thursday, June 16, from 7:30-9:45pm at Lee High School, 6540 Franconia Rd., Springfield, VA. Contact Pete Walker at 703/830-3281.
Baltimore Juggler's Association
meets Monday, June 20 from 6:30-9:30pm at the Iglehart Center of the Boys Latin School, 907 W. Lake Shore Drive. Contact Robert Strong at 410/29-MAGIC.

Further Information Obtainable From:
Becky Hunter:
Tel: 703 360 6023
e_m ail:
If you'd like a flyer with a not-to-scale map mailed to you, include your snail-mail address.

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