Enrico Rastelli

Reviewed at the Palace Theatre, New York City

Year Unknown

Multiple balance trickIn a neat suit of yellow satin, Enrico opens his act with juggling sticks and ball. He bounces a ball on his head and juggles six plates the meanwhile. He makes one stick revolve laterally while balanced at the end of another held in his mouth. He balances a ball at the end of a stick held in his mouth and makes it spin in the air through revolutions imparted by movements of his head.

At the end of the series of feats Rastelli smiles as if pleased and his good humor and personality are infectious. His little trick dance step and pose would sell the feat even if less adroitly performed.

Balancing a ball at the nape of his neck, Rastelli propels it in the air, turns a complete somersault and recatches it in the same locality. He bounces two balls on his head one after the other, juggles four sticks, two and two; showers eight plates and does a variety of other remarkable feats with unerring rapidity.

Following he did a one hand stand on a large piece of nickeled apparatus that resembled a large coffee urn atop a table and at the same time caused a pole to revolve.

For a concluding feat a large globe of blue and silver was brought forward. This was illuminated from within by electric lights and decorated without by colored illuminated electric lamps and further ornamented with a couple of small American flags. Lying on a place provided, Rastelli spun a large five pointed nickeled piece of apparatus in the shape of a star on one foot, caused a white hoop to revolve on the other foot, held a spinning smaller star on a rod in his mouth and juggled three sticks at the same time with his hands...

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