The Juggler's Little Instruction Book

by Dan Holzman


Books on juggling have played a very important role in my development as a juggler. I learned to juggle by reading "The Juggling Book" by Carlo, and it was Karl-Heinz Ziethen's "4,000 Years of Juggling" that inspired me to become a professional. Going from being someone who juggles to becoming a juggler, was a big step. I only wish that I had a book like "The Juggler's Little Instruction Book" to help me make that transition.

I would have preferred to learn how important it is to shake excess gas off torches before juggling them, from a book rather than from hot gas flying in my eyes during one of my first street shows. It definitely would have been a lot more comfortable learning how slippery brand new silicon balls can get when hands start to sweat, by reading it in a book while sitting at home on my couch, than it was during an I.J.A. Competition.

I've learned a lot from the mistakes I've made during my 15 years as a professional juggler. The advice collected in this book is your chance to learn this stuff the easy way. So, DON'T BLOW IT! I'm sure if you take advantage of this opportunity, the Book of Tips you write 15 years from now will start with this one:

#1 Buy "The Juggler's Little Instruction Book" the first chance you get.

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