[Raspyni Brothers]

The Juggler's Little Instruction Book

by Dan Holzman


In July of 1982, Dan Holzman and I climbed into my brand new car and started driving. Our goal was to get to the Chicago Renaissance Festival and do a few shows. We had no name, no act, no costumes, and very few props. Our inventory of belongings: gas, money and desire.

One thing led to another and before you could say "Johnny Carson," The Raspyni Brothers were being invited back for a second appearance on The Tonight Show.

"WAIT A SECOND, BARRY!!! Surely you are skipping over some of the details."

Of course I am -- those were some tough lessons we learned. Just because Dan wants to give away 13 years worth of "street smarts" for a lousy 8 bucks, doesn't mean I have to.

No way -- not gonna do it. Go ahead, practice with sharp knives. By all means, treat your audience like a bad crowd when they aren't laughing at your jokes. Oh yeah, and as for silicon balls getting slippery when they are new -- don't worry, your hands probably won't sweat.

It is always good to read an author who writes about what he knows -- at least Dan isn't writing a book about computers! Personally, I'm looking forward to his next book, The Shorter Raspyni -- My Life As A Cross Dresser.

But now let me get past all this tomfoolery and artificial anger. You're motivated to improve and that's why you bought this book -- good for you! My job is to discourage any sense of buyer's remorse you might be feeling and to tell you some good things about the author. This will be easy.

The guy is a comedy wizard, a human CD-ROM on juggling and performing. He is also highly motivated and always willing to share his knowledge with anyone who will listen (and now, with anyone who can read).

What I gained most from this book is the reminder that learning is a life-long process. I have watched Dan learn most of these lessons and have also seen him work very hard at putting together this manuscript. Absorb what you read -- it will make that life-long process of learning a much smoother road.

Oh yeah -- and one more tip that isn't in the book: You know that voice Dan uses on stage? It only works for him.

Barry Friedman
The Taller Raspyni Brother

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