The Juggler's Little Instruction Book

by Dan Holzman


I would like to thank the following Jugglers for their help in compiling the tips found in this book:

Barry Friedman, Ben Decker, Dan Menendez, John Park, Bob Mendelsohn, Cliff Spenger, John Wee, Owen Morse, Jay Gilligan, David Cain, Jack Kalvan, Rick Rubenstein, Mark Nizer, Howie & Bert, Sean and Dave, Jim Ridgley, Robert Nelson, Barry Bakalor, Dick Franco, Mr. E. and the Boogie-Down Jugglers.

I also owe thanks to my sister Tracy Holzman for her help, and to my mom, Sally Holzman for tip 58.

Special thanks to Karen Puckett for her design and lay-out of this book.

About the Author

Daniel Holzman is one-half of the highly successful juggling team, the Raspyni Brothers. He and his partner Barry Friedman have appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, performed for President Reagan at Ford's Theatre and have won two I.J.A. team competitions. Holzman is also an active solo performer and holder of two Guinness Book world records.
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