Biographical Information

The biographical information below has not been updated since 1985. The jugglers listed are those whose pictures are included in Ziethen and Allen's book. The list is not exhaustive, and inclusion or exclusion from this list is not necessarily any indication of merit.

Abert, Eduard (USSR)
Student of the Moscow Circus School. Founder of The Five Aberts. Died in car accident in 1974.

Adanos, Felix (Austria)
Born 1905. Last of the Gentlemen Jugglers. Collector of curiosities, rarities, and abnormalities. Now retired and living in Vienna. [Four Afanasjews photo]

Afanasjews, The Four (USSR)
Graduated from the Moscow Circus School in the mid-seventies. Work with a large rotating apparatus and specialize in club and ring passing. One of the few acts to perform ten club passing between two persons.

Agoust Troupe (France)
Maxime Agoust, Wallace and Mrs. Havelock, and Bill Talent. Maxime Agoust is reputed to be the originator of Restaurant Juggling, ca. 1890. Wallace Havelock formed his own troupe in America in 1910.

Aicardi Troupe (France)
Performed restaurant-style juggling in front of a backdrop depicting a high class restaurant.

Airjazz (USA)
John Held, Kezia Tenenbaum, and Peter Davino. With seven years of juggling experience each, created a magnificent club passing routine in 1982. Present many original tricks and movements.

Alba, Claudia (Germany)
One of the few women to perform a Strong-Man act. Specialized in work with steel balls. Retired in 1935 in Bavaria.

Alvarez, Manuel (Spain)
Created in 1980 a unique three club routine consisting mostly of kick-ups. First to perform seven 'boomerang' plates.

Alvarez, Pepito (Spain)
From a well-known Spanish juggling family. Began performing in the mid-fifties. Works mostly with small balls, clubs, and torches.

Amazing Fantasy Jugglers (USA)
Don and Lana Reed, Rawd Holbrook, and percussionist Tom Clark. Present a forty five minute show which includes music, comedy, club-swinging, and juggling.

Anochin, Wjadscheslaw (USSR)
Strong-Man juggler. One of the few performing this style of act today.

van Aro, Erik (Germany)
Real name Gerhard Scholz. From a Berlin artiste family. His father worked in a club passing act called The Slaverno Duo. In the thirties he formed The Aro Company, in which Erik made his debut. In 1948 he began his solo career as the juggling drummer. Five years later he retired to become the manager of his wife Caterina Valente, a famous German singer.

Arsene, (France)
Comedy juggler, formerly of the duo Arsene and Waldo.

Asra (Germany)
1873-1947 Real name Waldemar Peatzold, First to perform a billiard-manipulation act.

Bannan Troupe (USA)
Club passing trio in the twenties.

Bassi, Leo (France)
Third generation antipodist. His son Leo is the only performer to juggle six balls using his hands and feet.

Bedini, Paolo (French-Italian)
1914-1974 Born in Russia, adopted by the Bedini-Tafani family. Performed ball manipulation and acrobatics. Nephew of Enrico Rastelli.

Berno, M. & B. (Germany)
Performed a billiard-manipulation act in the twenties and thirties.

Biljauer, Ewgenij (USSR)
From a Soviet circus family. Excellent club and ring juggler. Performs nine rings, a full pirouette with five clubs, as well as extraordinary ball manipulation.

Blank, Josef and Co. (Germany)
Combined juggling, equilibristics and antipodism. Mary Blank left the troupe and began performing an excellent solo act in the twenties. Her brother Josef died in 1955, aged 68.

Blitz (USA)
Comedy plate-spinner who inspired a waltz published by J. A. Janke Jr. in 1849.

Bojiloff, Angelo (Bulgaria)
One of the world's finest jugglers on slack-wire.

Bor, Steve (Australia)
Son of a Hungarian circus family. Began performing as an acrobat at the age of eight, now performs a solo juggling act.

Braatz, Welda (Germany)
Was considered one of the finest women jugglers around the turn of the century. Her niece Selma was also an outstanding juggler.

Bramsons, The (Germany)
Real names Gertrude and, Paul Renner. Began performing a hoop rolling and juggling act after the first World War.Created many new tricks and props. In 1943, at the age of nine, their son Bob Bramson joined the act.

Bramson, Bob (Germany)
From the Bramsons, a well-known Berlin artiste family Began juggling in his parents' act and went on to become the finest hoop roller ever. He is the only artiste to perform seven large wooden hoops.

Breens, The Five (USA)
Comedy troupe in the early 1900's. John Breen is rumoured to have been the first artiste to juggle six clubs. He died in 1912, aged 21.

Bremlovs, The (Czechoslovakia)
Amongst the finest club passing troupes of the century. In 1973 Jack Bremlov, now performing solo, became the first performer to juggle seven clubs.

Brenn, Eric (Austria)
Performs a comedy plate- and bowl-spinning act. Also famous amongst other performers for the anecdotes he tells from his career.

Briatore Jr., Emile (Spain)
Member of The Biarge Trio, fourth generation club passing troupe from the D'Angoly family.

Brumbach, Illona and Horst (Germany)
From a well known circus family. Performed juggling on horseback.

Brunn, Francis (German-American)
A juggler's juggler. After setting several records as a youth, went on to create a style of ball-manipulation that remains unequalled. Perhaps the most intense stage-presence of any juggler.

Brunn, Lottie (German-American)
Billed as the world's fastest female juggler. Specialized in ball-manipulation. Is now in semi-retirement after one of juggling's longest and most successful careers. Sister of Francis Brunn and mother of Michael Chirrick.

Burk, Major
Strong-Man juggler in the late 1800's.

Cancowsci's (Germany)
Gentleman Juggling act in the early part of this century.

Canary, A. & G. (Germany)
Gentleman Juggling act around the turn of the century.

Capite, Romeo
Antipodist on horseback in the late 1800's.

Cardenas, Rudy (USA)
From a Mexican circus family. Juggles hats, cocktail-shakers, and small balls, which he catches in baskets on his belt. However, he is most famous for his ball-manipulation.

Carlton Sisters (England)
Also known as The Juggling Jewels. A female club passing troupe in the thirties.

Carr Will (Germany)
Also known as Willy Picardy. One of the first high-technical antipodists. Was able to do independent tricks with each foot and his hands simultaneously. Took his own life in 1964.

Castors, The (France)
Charly, Eddy, and Toly. These three brothers perform one of the fastest and most entertaining variety acts today. They present synchronized foot-juggling, as well as risley. Toly M. also performs a solo act.

Chatram, Louis (France)
Club passing and hoop-rolling act in the early 1900's.

Chinese Jugglers
First record of juggling dates from the Western Han Dynasty (206 B. C. - A. D. 24). Then as now. most of the props on stage are ordinary objects, such as plates, bowels, jars, vases, umbrellas, etc.

Chinko (England)
Real name Tom Knox-Cromwell. Humourous Gentlemen Juggler around the turn of the century. Billed himself as 'The Eton Boy Juggler'.

Chirrick, Michael (USA)
Excellent ball-manipulator. Made his debut with the Shrine Circus in Texas in 1970. Son of Lottie Brunn.

Cincinatti (Germany)
1870-1964 Real name Max Helbig. Gentleman Juggler, formed a troupe with his son and three daughters around 1905.

Cinquevalli, Paul (German-British)
Unique juggler in the late 1800's and the early part of this century. Performed hundreds of original tricks and became the inspiration for the Gentlemen Jugglers. 56, 59-61

Claude, Jean (France)
Performs an antipodist act billed as 'A Parody of Football'. His father, Rudy Bolly, formerly performed juggling on a slack-wire.

Conchas, Paul (Germany)
Famous Strong-Man juggler, assisted by Julius Neumann. Originator of many novel juggling feats. Died in America in 1916.

Conradi-Lissy Trio (Germany)
Gentleman juggling act, performed an act called 'A Late Guest' in the twenties.

D'Angolys, The (Spain)
Club passing troupe founded by Alex Briatore in the 1920's. His father and uncle performed juggling on horseback in the 1890's. The fourth generation of this famous artiste family includes The Alegria Brothers, The Biarge Trio, and D'Angoly Jr.

Dardy's The (USA)
Comedy juggling troupe in the twenties. Specialized in hat juggling.

Davino, Peter (USA)
Real name Peter Davison. One of America's best and most entertaining jugglers. Also a member of the Airjazz Trio.

Davis, Michael (USA)
Probably the most successful comedy juggler in America today. His sense of humour usually upstages his tricks.

Deluca Sisters (German-Italian)
One of the few women Strong-Man acts. Performed in the twenties and thirties.

Dessort, Henry and Madame (France)
Juggling duo in the mid-1800's.

Dieto (Germany)
Performs a delightful comedy juggling act backed by music from Spike Jones.

Dova, Gil (USA)
Comedy juggler and cartoonist. Performs a very original routine with three cigar-boxes. Also works with balls and clubs. Married to the French antipodist Regina Baranton.

Dr. Hot and Neon (USA/Canada)
William Galvin and Steve Mock. Comedy juggling duo now based in Europe. Two of today's most versatile variety performers. One of their most unique numbers is the juggling of six banjos while playing the 'An die Freude' theme from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

Dunai (Hungary)
Real name Janos Karoly-Donnert. From a well-known circus family. Formerly performed juggling on horseback, has now taken up animal training. His brother Gabor took his place in the juggling act of The Three Dunais.

Eastwood, Wally (Mexico)
A fifth generation circus performer. One of the fastest club jugglers alive today.

Eders, Frank (Austria)
1888-1962 Comedy Strong-Man act, known as the 'Laughing Hercules.

Elsy's (Germany)
Comedy club passing troupe. Began the act with one of their members in the audience pretending to be a heckler who eventually joined in the juggling.

Elsy, Gitta and Co. (East Germany)
Gitta's father, Kurt Kathert, had founded the original Elsy's, and after his death in 1954, she formed a new act which included club passing and hat juggling.

Enterline, Nathalie (USA)
1978 World Champion Baton Twirler. Performs a beautiful act with a hat and a baton, she combines her twirling skills with hat-manipulation and dancing. She also assists Francis Brunn in his act.

Ernesty Trio (Germany)
Musical hat juggling troupe in the twenties and thirties.

Everharts, The (USA)
Founded by William Everhart (1868-1948). Originator of the hoop rolling act, which he first performed around the turn of the century.

Felker, Barrett (USA)
One of America's finest young club and ring jugglers. Former member of The Magnificent Material Movers, now known as Airjazz.

Felovis (Switzerland)
Performed a comedy juggling act which included the juggling of musical instruments.

Ferrer, Frankie (Philippines)
Performs a unique balancing act with knives and champagne glasses.

Ferroni, Vittorio (Italy)
From a well-known Italian circus family. Performed juggling on horseback in the twenties and thirties. His son, Leonardo, later performed juggling on a free standing ladder.

Fields, W. C. (USA)
1880-1946 Real name William Claude Dukenfield. One of America's most famous film comedians. Began his career with a tramp juggling act, playing Vaudeville theatres. Later worked with the Ziegfeld Follies, and eventually went on to make films, in a few of which he juggled.

Fitzgeralds (Germany)
Club passing troupe around the turn of the century.

Flash, Serge (Russian-American)
1905-1956 Real name Serge Fomitcheff. Contemporary of Rastelli. One of America's most successful jugglers in the twenties and thirties.

Florian, Jean and Hermann Matthe (Germany)
Ball-manipulation duo, performed with soccerballs. Jean Florian's sister Mariora also had a juggling act. Both Florian and Matthe died in 1945.

Foolsfire (USA)
Bob Berky, Fred Garbo, and Michael Moschen. Present a very original show which includes juggling, comedy, dance, and pantomime.

Franco, Dick (USA)
Performs with clubs, rings, ping-pong balls, chainsaws, etc.

Frank, Charlie (Belgium)
Performed a comedy juggling act in which he impersonated Charlie Chaplin.

Frediani, Nino (Italy)
Fifth generation circus performer Created a unique routine with three rings, also works with clubs and balls.

Froidevoud, Luce (France)
Graduated in 1980 from the Annie Fratellini Circus School. Works with balls, rings, clubs, etc.

Fudi (Hungary)
Real name George Zsilak. Performs an act which includes ring and club juggling, as well as club passing with his wife Suzanne. His parents, The Two Zsilaks, performed a juggling act on two slack-wires.

Garrido, Ugo (Spain)
From an old artiste family. Famous for his kick-ups and foot-work with clubs.

Gatto, Anthony (USA)
Works with balls, clubs, and rings. Was already considered one of the world's finest jugglers at the age of nine. Son of Nick Gatto, formerly of the acrobatic troupe Los Gattos.

Gratchewi Trio (USSR)
Graduated from the Moscow Circus School in 1951. Performed an excellent routine combining gymnastic elements on two masts with club passing, as well as club passing on the ground. Was the first troupe to perform nine and ten club passing between two persons. Also created many intricate patterns with twelve clubs between three persons.

Gratchinow (USSR)
Performs a comedy juggling act in which he uses a monkey as partner and at one point juggles the monkey and two balls simultaneously.

Gregory Troupe, Frank L. (USA)
Hoop rollers and jugglers around the turn of the century.

Grigory, Victor (Germany)
Second generation antipodist, performed in the twenties and thirties.

Gruss, Gypsy (France)
From the Bouglione circus family. Amongst her many circus skills, she is one of the most proficient lady jugglers. Performs several juggling acts which include ball-manipulation, juggling on a slack-wire, and bouncing balls off a drum.

Gruss, Stéphane (France)
Performs excellent juggling on horseback, also a talented trick rider. Son of Gypsy and Alexis Gruss, who founded Circus Gruss in 1974.

Gültini, Käthi (Germany)
Was the only performer to bounce eight balls off a drum simultaneously.

Hanlon's (England)
Also known as the Hanlon-Lees. Performed a restaurant juggling act in the last part of the past century.

Hayes, Rich (England)
Comedy juggler in 1920's.

Hearn, Tom (England)
Comedy juggler in the twenties and thirties, billed himself as 'The Laziest Juggler on Earth'.

Hera, Charles (Germany)
1881-1931 Gentleman Juggler, Began performing around the turn of the century.

Horn, Rudy (Germany)
One of this century's greatest technical jugglers. Became famous for kicking saucers and cups from his foot to a balance on top of his head while riding a high-unicycle. Juggled seven balls in the air as well as bouncing them off a drum. Originator of foot to forehead teaspoon balance, only performer to toss and catch somersault with teaspoon from forehead balance.

Ignatov, Sergei (USSR)
Graduate of the Moscow Circus School. One of the most skilled and most inventive jugglers ever. Performed eleven rings for the first time in 1973, a feat which has only been performed by two other jugglers.He was the first to execute a full pirouette while juggling seven rings. His precision and endurance with seven bails is unequalled.

Ingalese, Rupert (England)
1886-1958 Real name Paul Wingrave. Well-known Gentleman Juggler around the turn of the century.

Jackman, Edward (USA)
Comedy juggler, very popular on the American college circuit.

Jaeger, Jenny (Russian-German)
One of the finest women jugglers ever. Rumoured to have juggled ten balls which, if true, equals the record generally attributed to Enrico Rastelli.

Johnsonlee (France)
Performed juggling on a rolling globe in the late 1800's.

Kara, Michael (Germany)
1867-1939 Real name Michael Steiner. Originator of Gentleman Juggling, a popular style in the early 1900's. He was well-known all over the world.

Karamazov Brothers, The Flying (USA)
Tim Furst, Samuel Williams, Paul Magid, Howard Patterson. Formed in 1974, comedy theatre troupe which incorporates a great deal of juggling in their show.

Katsnoshin, Awata (Japan)
Court juggler to the Mikado Of Japan. Performed Japanese-style ball play from which Enrico Rastelli evolved modem ball-manipulation.

Kiss, Alexander (USSR)
From the Borisow circus family. Debuted in 1939 with his sister Violetta. One of the greatest technical jugglers of the century. Created many tricks which are now considered standards amongst jugglers.

Alexander and Violetta (USSR)
Combined outstanding juggling skills with acrobatics and antipodism. Many of their tricks remain unequalled.

Kiss, Nikolai (USSR)
Son of Alexander Kiss, a great technical juggler in his own right.

Kiss, Violetta (USSR)
Performed an act with her brother Alexander until 1966, when she began teaching at the Moscow Circus School. Sergei Ignatov was one of her students.

Kremo, Béla (German-Swiss)
1911-1979 From the Kremo artiste family, began performing in his father's risley act. Later created an original style of presentation with a bowler, a cigar, and a glove, as well as three top-hats, three balls, and three cigar-boxes. Debuted as solo performer in 1931 under the name Trenton. Began working with his son Kris in 1970.

Kremo, Karl (Germany)
Father of Béla Kremo, performed a risley act which be opened by manipulating a huge cigar with his feet. Son of Josef Kremo, who performed a similar act.

Kremo, Béla and Kris (Switzerland)
Performed a father and son act from 1970 until 1975, after which Kris began a solo career using the same style of performance.

Kremo, Kris (Switzerland)
Specializes in three hat, three ball, and cigar-box manipulation. Performs an act similar to his fathers, but his technique is even greater. First juggler to perform a triple pirouette with three cigar-boxes.

Lederer Duo (Germany)
Specialized in juggling illuminated props on a darkened stage. Arthur Lederer created the act after having learned juggling with The Gidy Batey Co. in 1910. His son Heinz also became a juggler.

Lind, Harry and Allaire (USA)
Outstanding club swingers and jugglers, worked from 1911-1918 under the name The Throwing Tabors, after which Harry Lind retired and began manufacturing juggling clubs in Jamestown, Ohio.

Loco-Motion Vaudeville (USA)
Comedy juggling troupe, performs mostly for American colleges.

Lucas, Albert (USA)
Juggler on ice-skates. Specializes in ring and club juggling. His father formerly performed acrobatics with The Los Gattos Trio. His younger brother, David Lee, is also an excellent juggler.

Lupescu, Jacky (Switzerland)
Juggler on slack-wire. Showed Rastelli-type work on the ground, as well as juggling on a slack-wire. Assisted by his wife Elaine Knie.

Maccette Company (Germany)
Performed juggling with equilibristics and antipodism in the early part of his

Maitre Jean (France)
Pierrot juggler around the turn of the century.

Markus (Austria)
One of the few Strong-Man jugglers performing today.

Marlin, Michael (USA)
Successful young comedian juggler.

Martyn, Topper (English-Swedish)
Comedy juggler, now combines his juggling act with magic. His parents, Martyn and Florence, and his sister, Decima, also performed juggling.

May, Bobby (USA)
1907-1981 Real name Ludwig Mayer. Considered by many to have been America's finest juggler. Worked mostly with balls and clubs. Performed a humorous but technically difficult act. Known for his returning-bounce ball tricks and originator of many acrobatic and comedy moves still popular today. Performed for several years on both roller- and ice-skates.

Medini, Italo (French-Italian)
From an old European circus family. In 1943 he became the first juggler to perform nine rings with a ball and stick balanced on his forehead.

Metz and Metz (Germany)
Club passing duo in the twenties and thirties.

Mighty Cradoc (USA)
Circus performer in the twenties. Presented an act as a Roman gladiator juggling with battle-axes.

Mjagkostups, The Two (USSR)
Anatoli Mjagkostup and Victor Pilipowitsch. Graduated from the circus school in Kiev in 1980. Perform an unequalled series of five-club take-aways. One of the few acts to perform ten club passing between two persons.

Montego, Ernest (Germany)
Fantastic ball-manipulator. Combines his work with classical ballet, making it one of the most beautiful juggling acts of the century. Worked for many years with Annerose. Half-Brother of Francis and Lottie Brunn.

Morello, R.(USA)
Eccentric comedy juggler in the twenties and thirties.

Morland, Mac (Germany)
1903-1966 Began working with The Four Wallastons at the age of eleven, later began a solo career and went on to become Germany's greatest talking juggler. He was also a well-known cartoonist.

Moschen, Michael (USA)
One of today's most versatile and original jugglers. Performs several acts including a three ball juggling routine, a torch juggling and torch-swinging act, and an extraordinary routine with crystal balls. Combines very disciplined body movement with his work. Performs with the team Foolsfire in addition to his solo performances.

Moung-Toon (Burma)
Late 1800's. Loin-cloth clad, he performed amazing tricks with bamboo balls without the use of his hands.

Mowatt, Ben and Ben Jr. (USA)
The first act to perform eight club passing, around the turn of the century. Later formed a troupe.

Mowatts, The (USA)
One of America's great club passing troupes in the early 1900's. Founded by Ben Mowatt.

Munteanus, Sorin (Rumania)
Sixth generation circus performer. Debuted in his parent's club passing troupe. Began his solo career in 1979. Now specializes in ball-manipulation, was the first performer to juggle seven clubs with a cane balanced on his forehead.

Murray, Rob (Australian-British)
'The last of the great melancholy, phlegmatic, talking jugglers of Vaudeville'.

Nati, Miss 0. and the Onra Bros.
Performed an Indian juggling act in the late 1800's.

Neuporte, Amedi
Performed with Circus Astley, the first modern circus.

Neumann, Julius and Achilles (Germany)
Comedy Strong-Man act formed by Neumann, former assistant of Paul Conchas. Achilles performed difficult tricks while his friend Neumann, playing a clumsy assistant, constantly interrupted him. Neumann was the brother of Selma Braatz one of the great women jugglers.

Newall, Frank (Australia)
Comedy juggler. Performs some very difficult balances with golf-clubs and golf balls.

Nichols, Howard (USA)
Was the first juggler to combine hoop rolling with high-technical balancing and juggling tricks, in the 1930's.

Normans, The Five (USA)
Acrobatic juggling troupe during the early part of this century. Perhaps the first troupe to present juggling in a three-man high pyramid.

Olchowikow, Nikolai (USSR)
The first performer to present difficult juggling routines on horseback, in the 1950's.

Onri Troupe (USA)
Performed juggling on rolling globes around the turn of the century.

Palmer Gaston (France)
1886-1969 From the Rancy circus family One of Europe's most popular talking jugglers in the twenties and thirties. His father was a juggler with The Piroscoffi Troupe.

Parker, Dave (Holland)
Comedy juggler. Also performs a Charlie Chaplin parody.

Paul and Michael(USA)
Paul Binder and Michael Christensen. Perform a comedy club passing routine. Paul Binder is the founder of the Big Apple Circus.

Paulius, Roberto (Germany)
Began performing as a Gentleman Juggler around the turn of the century.

Peiro, Teddy and Patricio (Argentina/England)
Father and son act. Specialized with devil-sticks and golf-club and golf-ball manipulation. Teddy Peiro originally performed a similar act with his brother Hector in the 1950's.

Percelly, Serge (Switzerland)
From a well-known circus family. Debuted in 1981 as a tennis player juggling with tennis rackets. His presentation is original and his tricks are excellent.

Perezoff, Charles Co. (Spain)
Restaurant Juggling troupe in the early part of this century. Performed a scene called 'Un souper animé chez Maxim's'. One of the troupe's members, José Perez, later performed comedy juggling under the name Rostando.

Perezoff, Lully (Spain)
Specialized in juggling with small rubber balls and bounce juggling them off three drums simultaneously. During the sixties she worked with her sister, Pia.

Petrowskij, Albert (USSR)
Graduated in 1963 from the artiste school in Leningrad. First juggler to perform eleven rings. Also managed to juggle ten rings and bounce a ball on his forehead simultaneously.

Picaso, Gran (Spain)
In 1967 he became the first to juggle five ping-pong balls with his mouth. Also works with balls and 'boomerang' plates.

Picinelli, Angelo (Italy)
Fantastic ring juggler and ball manipulator. [Paulo Piletto photo]

Piletto, Paolo (Germany)
1900-1976 Real name Paul Pickelmann. Debuted as acrobat in the Hans Beetz perch act, began juggling in 1923. Was known as 'The German Rastelli'.

Piper, Franco (South Africa)
Excellent banjo player, performed a novelty act in the twenties wherein he juggled and played banjos simultaneously.

Ponce, Victor (Argentina)
Fast club juggler, also works with hats. Sometimes appears on ice-skates.

Popowitsch, Gregorij (USSR)
From a Russian circus family. Performs outstanding club and ring juggling on
a free-standing ladder.

Rabello, Leon (Denmark)
Born 1912, third generation juggler from the Renari family. Performed a ball-manipulation and a hoop rolling act.

Rappo, Carl (Germany)
1800-1854 Famous German acrobat and athlete. Originator of the modern Strong-Man juggling act, which he performed in an Indian costume. In 1830 he formed the Karl Rappo Troupe with his wife Josephine and their three children, François, Josephine, and Peter.

Raspini Edoardo (Italy)
Excellent ball-manipulator, ring and club juggler. From a famous Italian Russian circus family. His parents performed with a club passing troupe called The Four Serbinis.

Raspyni Brothers, The (USA)
Dan Holzman and Barry Friedman. Comedy juggling team, specialize in club passing.

Rastelli, Enrico (Italy)
1896-1931 Born in Russia, where his parents had worked with various circuses for several years. Began his solo career in 1915, considered by many the finest juggler who ever lived. Created the modern form of ball-manipulation, which dominated the first half of this century. Died of natural causes at the age of 34.

Rastelli, Trio (Italy)
The equilibristic act of Enrico Rastelli's parents, in which he performed as a child.

Ray, Fred (Germany)
1905-1985 Began as a sportsman-juggler in 1921 and afterwards formed a humourous Gentlemen Juggling act. One of Germany's most successful talking jugglers in the 1950's.

Rebla (Australia)
Real name Albert Stevens. One of the funniest comedy jugglers ever. Presented his skills through a frustrated, dead-pan character. Retired in 1940.

Renner G. & P. (Germany)
Paul Renner(1884-1953) began his juggling career with The Cronays. He later formed a hoop rolling and juggling act with his wife Gertrude (d. 1980) under the name The Two Bramsons.

Repp, A. W (Germany)
1898-1968 Performed as a tramp juggler, changed his name to King Repp in the thirties. One of Europe's most popular comedian jugglers. Contemporary of W.C. Fields.

Reverhos Trio (France)
André, Gustave, and Madeleine. Performed an outstanding acrobatic wire-walking act in which they also juggled.

Ripa, Bob (Denmark)
One of Europe's greatest ball manipulators. Died in a plane crash in 1944, aged twenty-eight. His father was the comedy juggler Tato-May.

Robertus and Wilfredo (USA)
Father and son act in the early part of this century. Performed a routine which included bounce-passing small rubber balls.

Rogana (Germany)
Real name Dora Forster. A member of the famous Rogge artiste family Performed a successful rolling-globe act in the fifties with her two sisters, Gerda and Vera. In 1960 she created a solo act, balancing knives and swords while executing gymnastics on a ladder.

Rudenko, Peter (Russia)
Performed a trapeze act with the Rastelli family in Russia, before the revolution. His sons, Georg and Igor, also trapeze artistes, went to America in 1946 to perform a juggling act.

Salerno (Germany)
1869-1946 Real name Adolf Behrend. Gentleman Juggler, created many new tricks. In 1912 he built a set of clubs with electric lights inside which changed colors as he juggled them.

Samme, Mooty and Medua (India)
The first Asian jugglers to perform in Europe, in 1823. Performed ball-manipulation as well as tricks with devil-sticks.

Sandro (Spain)
Sandro Briatore, fourth generation juggler from the D'Angoly-Briatore family. One of the finest ball spinners ever. Performed many original tricks with clubs and rubber balls. In the early sixties he worked with his father and uncle in an act called The Alegria Brothers.

Santos, Nino (Spain)
Performs a Spanish-style juggling act, including excellent kick-ups with clubs.

Schäffer, Sylvester Jr. (Germany)
A third generation performer. Outstanding Strong-Man juggler and all-around artiste. In 1904 he created a one-man show in which he was juggler, equilibrist, violinist, minstrel, dog-trainer, trick-shooter, equestrian, and magician. His father Sylvester and his uncle Severus were well-known jugglers in the last century.

Schichtholz, Umberto (Italy)
Enrico Rastelli's assistant. In the mid-forties he became one of Europe's most important circus agents.

Schweizer, Rudi (Germany)
Performs an excellent three ball, three hat and three cigar-box routine. He learned juggling from his uncle, Albert Schweizer, who had a similar act.

Selbo (England)
Popular Gentleman Juggler in the twenties and thirties.

Slavernos (Germany)
Formed an act called 'Jugglers at the Bar', in the 1930's. Later worked under the name The Aro Co.

Smith, Private (England)
Comedy juggler, also worked under the name Shinio.

Sollveno, George (Switzerland)
Debuted in 1975, specializes in club juggling. In 1979 he created an original routine wherein he bounce-juggles five rings off a rubber mat.

Sovereign, Mac (Germany)
1882-1955 Real name Arthur Kaulfuss. Developed a unique diabolo act around 1920.

Spadoni, Paul (Germany)
1870-1952 Performed as both a Strong-Man and a Gentleman Juggler. Debuted with his sister Agnes in 1887 and became one of Europe's most popular jugglers. Retired in 1918 to become a theatrical agent.

Stetson (England)
Worked with three top-hats and three cigar-boxes. His son Peter Woodrow and daughter Patricia D'Or continued in a similar style in the fifties.

Taifun (Germany)
Talking comedy juggler in the twenties and thirties.

Tasso, Dieter (German-American)
Performed an act in the 1950's in which he kicked cups and saucers from his foot to a balance on top of his head while standing on a tight-wire. Now performs without the wire but has added comedy patter to make it one of today's most enjoyable juggling acts.

Thomas, Jérome (France)
Graduated from the Annie Fratellini circus school in 1983. Combines dance with many original ball tricks.

Toly M. (France)
Real name Antole Dedessus le Moutier. Specializes in work with three balls, three top-hats, and three cigar-boxes. Also a member of The Castors, the great French antipodism and risley act. His niece, Line Caroll, made her juggling debut in 1984. Toly M. is also famous amongst artistes for his cartoons and caricatures.

Trixie (Germany)
Ball-manipulator, plate-juggler, and acrobat. Began to perform as a child and was considered one of Europe's finest jugglers at the age of fourteen. Appeared in an excellent juggling scene in the film 'Broadway Melodies' with Fred Astaire. Worked for several years juggling on ice-skates before retiring in America in 1952.

Truzzi, Massimiliano (Russian-American)
1903-1974 Son of a Russian circus family and one of the greatest Soviet artistes of the thirties. Performed ball-manipulation and balancing tricks, including work with glass balls.

Tux (Germany)
In the 1950's he performed as a juggling cook in an act called 'The Flying Kitchen'. His brother Michael performed an act as a juggling waiter.

Valjhon, Les Freres
Performed juggling and balancing in the late 1800's.

Vallo (Germany)
Antipodist around the turn of the century

Vida, Eva (Austria)
Graduated in 1959 from the Budapest school for circus arts. One of the most talented and most entertaining lady jugglers.

Viktorow, Viktor (USSR)
Combined trick riding and juggling on horseback.

Villams, The (Hungary)
Graduated from the Budapest circus school in 1956. Performed acrobatics and club passing. One of the troupe's members, Erwin Steiner, left the group in 1962 to form a juggling act with his wife Viviane. He died of cancer in 1984.

Wallastons, The Two (Germany)
One of the first successful German club-passing troupes, formed by Baron von Seyffertitz. In 1928 the act grew to The Four Wallastons.

Wallastons, The Six (East Germany)
Before retiring in 1950, Baron von Seyffertitz trained Kurt Schmidt and his wife in juggling. They formed a troupe and continued, performing club-passing under this name.

Wallastons, The (West Germany)
Gitta Wallaston appeared with her parent's troupe,The Six Wallastons, in 1952 and continues to perform one of Europe's fastest juggling acts with her husband Gerhard.

Wallenda, Josef (Germany)
Performed juggling on a rolling globe in the late 1800's.

Woltard, G. W (England)
Performed a comedy act in which he juggled with different types of hats.

Woodrow, Peter (England)
1930-1969 Also known as Peter Elliott. Was the first to perform pirouettes with cigar-boxes, in the fifties. His father was the comedy juggler, Stetson, and his sister, Patricia D'Or also performed a juggling act.

Young, Ollie and Brother (USA)
Hoop rollers and jugglers in the early 1900's.

Yedo Troupe (Japan)
One of the first Japanese juggling troupes to perform in Europe, in the mid 1870's.

Yu Ching Chang (China)
Performs traditional Chinese manipulation with large porcelain jars.

Zay, Freddy (Germany)
Debuted in 1935 as an outstanding juggler on high-unicycle. Retired in 1947 to become the artistic director of the Apollo-Varieté theatre in Nuremberg.

Zuro, Koma (Japan)
Performs traditional top-spinning in a Samurai costume. His family has been performing this type of act for nearly eight hundred years.

From "Juggling, the Art and its Artists", by Karl-Heinz Ziethen and Andrew Allen, Berlin 1985. ISBN 3-9801140-1-5. This is a wonderful selection of juggling photographs from Ziethen's collection, with linking text by Allen. It is available from Juggling Capitol and other vendors.
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