Message: 1991/11/01-215506

From: Eddie Frie <97721089@WSUVM1.BITNET>
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 1991 21:55:06 PLT
Subject: Re: head rolls w/ 4

Message-Id: <911101.215506@indycms.bitnet>

hello, yep. I use my right hand to instead of throwing a high throw over top, I quickly put it on my head. I found that my trouble was that the ball has a tendancy of coming of my head back into the pattern too soon, but I'm getting better at making it stay on my head longer (my flat head helps). cheers, -----------------------------------------+-+ REVERSE CASCADER|REDACSAC ESREVER Eddie J. Frie ||| ^ ^ ||| / x \ Washington State University Juggling Club||| / / \ \ Pullman, WA ||| ^<<== ==>>^ -----------------------------------------+-+ ---------------------------- ORIGINAL MESSAGE --------------------------- Hi, Just curious, if you are doing a 4 ball half shower with the right hand throwing the high throws, which hand do you use to put the ball on your head? Thanks in advance, -- Carol

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